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Cosmomgmt represents only well known, successful models around the globe and strong new faces in who we see true talent. Our independent network is able to provide the best personal management wherever our artists go, through the special housing, sport and food department in our agency, we provide a cozy home-style residence.

so our artists always have a comfortable stay. We strongly believe in Art as an international form of expression. That's why we use our MODEL and artist files worldwide, so we can exchange ideas and create plans more easily on our forum pages that were invented for all our bookers, clients and artists.

COSMOMGMT Philosophy

COSMOMGMT is convinced that knowing, understanding and respecting each other's culture, society, religion, political opinions and ways of life are the conditions to make friendship, peace and harmony possible.

COSMOMGMT is convinced that cultural diversity creates a chance to grow and to strengthen freedom, peace and harmony both nationally and internationally.

COSMOMGMT is convinced that FASHION made by people of all nationalities and from diverse cultures and backgrounds, have the strength to be the base for changing prejudice, fear, hate, discrimination and separation in society.

The reasons to found COSMOMGMT is the observation that societies and groups all over the world have hardened in a very fast tempo, and that people and societies are being ruled by fear, prejudice, disrespect and ignorance. Our World is growing more and more into a global village.

So it becomes increasingly important for every country and all their inhabitants, to bring all those cultures and nationalities together in an attempt to create a new global cultural union.

That is the challenge to creative people all across the world.



More stylists are available for international bookings in the world.
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